Engineering Mesures and Fluides Precision are thrilled to announce their merger, creating a more powerful company that will drive growth in the instrumentation market. The new company will be renamed as EMP Engineering Measures Precision.
Paris, France, October 23th 2023– Engineering Mesures and Fluides Precision, have joined forces in a strategic merger designed to increase growth and customer reach in the instrumentation market. This merger combines the strengths of both companies to create a more dynamic and innovative entity.
Key Benefits of the Merger:
1.           Enhanced Market Presence: The combined entity will have a broader market reach and service capabilities, offering greater opportunities for growth.
2.           Expanded Offering: Customers can now access an extended range of high-quality products and services including among others FCI, Barksdale, Awite, Honeywell and Hoffer.
With the merger, we will be able to better propose and advise our customers in challenging markets and applications such as cryogenics or hydrogen.
The merger will be completed on November 31st and the resulting entity EMP Engineering Measures Precision will be located at 120 Rte. de Versailles, 91160 Champlan, France.
Both companies will continue with normal operations and they can be contacted through the usual means of contact that will continue fully operative.
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Since its creation in 1992, Engineering Mesures has established itself as a reference in the field of measurement of liquid and gaseous fluids. With the incorporation of Iberfluid group Iberfluid Instruments S.A. as a shareholder in 2013, Engineering Mesures enriched its experience and expanded its offer in the flow metering and instrumentation markets.
Fluides Precision is a young company found in 2016, originally created to revitalize some of the main instrumentation players in France and which has gained experience in gas analysis, mainly in the biogas, biomethane and hydrogen injection markets. Its main shareholders are Precision Fluid Controls Srl Controls and Técnica de Fluidos ES